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BLONDME Cool Blondes Spray Conditioner 150ml

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BLONDME Cool Blondes Spray Conditioner 150ml


Pigmented leave-in spray conditioner with a cool cendré tone direction, for lightweight daily blonde care.


  • Maintains and enriches the cool tone directions

  • Detangles the hair and improves combability

  • Provides strength and moisture leaving the hair soft, healthy and shiny

  • Cool anti-yellow pigments: For color enhancement and neutralization

  • Delivers cool pigments to maintain, refresh and enrich blonde tone directions

  • Contains Hydrolyzed Silk: Hair conditioning agent derivate from silk. Improves the texture of delicate blondes

  • Contains moisturizing Panthenol to balance the natural water content of the hair structure

  • UV-Filter: Helps to protect the hair from damaging UV rays

Extra Tip:

  • Can also be used for all other blonde hair types for soft neutralization

  • Perfect tone maintenance for BLONDME® tone directions Ice, Steel Blue or Lilac

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