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Why does hand cream burn chapped skin?

Winter has arrived! What does that mean? Dry chapped skin! I'm going to focus mainly on hands today.....It happens to us all, that red irritated skin that we all get from exposure to the harsh cold elements of our environment.  And why does it burn so bad when we put lotion on?! ill tell you why....its because you aren't using the right products!  Read your ingredients! If u look on your ingredient lists, water based lotions will almost always have water listed as the first ingredient....and the second ingredient, ALCOHOL!!!! no wonder it burns your chapped irritated skin!  So why, you ask, would there be alcohol in the lotion....Its because the alcohol evaporates the water, Duh!  And why would that be beneficial to our skin?... it simple, Its not beneficial at all!! The water and alcohol cancel each other out leaving very little beneficial ingredients on your skin....they are meant to fill the bottle and make it look like you are getting more bang for your buck, when in actuality, you are getting screwed!!

So What can you do when you have chapped hands?  Look for lotions that are oil based....but not just any oil, the oils must be natural, plant based oils! Mineral oils or petroleum products offer no benefits to the skin....they will sit on top of the skin but not absorb into the skin.  Oils such as jojoba, argan, soy, sunflower seed, almond, they will absorb into your skin and replace the oils that you are missing.  My favorite hand cream is the Aveda Hand will actually relieve that sore skin and wont burn!!!

So take care of that skin....and always read your ingredients!!


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