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Local salon goes green!

Here's a shot article about our environmental achievements. Vivid was recently featured in Neighbors of Southwest Magazine. Enjoy...

Local Salon Goes Green

Have you ever wondered how much garbage your local salon produces?  The carbon footprint of the salon industry is massive.  Imaging all the things used in salons that end up in landfills...plastic, glass and cardboard packaging, highlighting foil, color tubes, excess chemical, nail files, wipes, plastic caps, aerosol cans and paper, just to name a few, and that is just scratching the surface.  A local salon is trying to change their negative impact on the environment.  Vivid hair and esthetics has been a member of the Green circle salon program for the last year and they have seen an 85-90% reduction in the amount of garbage that their business was producing. 


Most environmentally conscious lloydminster locals will notice that recycling is very limited to specific items in our city. This posed a problem to the management and staff at vivid.   The waste they created was recyclable, but Lloydminster did not have the facilities to allow a broad spectrum of recyclables.  The answer was Green Circle Salons.  Green circle is a program that helps salons by facilitating the redirection of waste that was once destined for a landfill.  How does it work? Green circle educates their partners on what items are best for recycling, repurposing and reusing.  They provides specific labeled bins, such as paper, plastic, glass, aerosols, chemical waste and spa waste. The local salon packs all of the recyclables and then they are shipped to Calgary to be recycled or repurposed.  Almost everything is able to be recycled and Very little garbage ends up in the local landfill. Vivid is able to provide this service to their clients for a small Eco fee of $1.50, which helps to offset the shipping costs.  


There are some exciting and surprising programs that green circle salons offer to their salons.  Most salons sweep up their clients hair and throw it in the trash.  At Vivid the hair is shipped away and repurposed into booms that are used to clean up oil spills.  Another salon issue is washing chemical down the sink and into our local water supply.  With the green circle program, all leftover chemical is collected and sent to a chemical wast facility where it is minimized and disposed of properly.  Salons are also encouraged to incorporate other green initiatives in their buildings such as efficient lighting and water filtration systems that also reduce their carbon footprint.  


Environmentally conscious consumers can find more information about Vivid and green circle salons at and


Make the conscious choice and help make beauty sustainable!

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