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Managing Stress


Money problems? Kids Stressing you out? Time management issues? Work constantly on the brain?  Today we have more constant stresses than we ever have!  Chronic stress is hard to deal with on a daily basis…. but did you know it also affects us internally and is a major cause of disease?

The human body is designed to deal with acute stress.  With the flight or fight response, our brains are well equipped to deal in emergency situations.  If a deer jumps out in front of our car, we can react immediately and slam on the breaks, our adrenaline is pumping and then we can calm down after, this is acute stress.  What happens if our bodies and brains are under the chronic stress that people face today? The flight or fight response never turns off and the body creates high amounts of cortisol which is meant to calm us down, but in large amounts can make us more sick!  Whole body effects of elevated cortisol can include diabetes, weight gain, obesity, immune system suppression, gastrointestinal problems, cardiovascular disease, depression, and chronic fatigue syndrome to name a few.

There are ways of dealing with these chronic stresses.  One of the best ways to lower cortisol is to partake in some much-needed rest and relaxation.


Spa treatments and massage are great ways for your body to rest and digest and for you to close your eyes and take a mental break.  Touch is a clinically proven method of stress relief and healing!  We recommend the Stress Fix Massage, Advanced customized Facial, or an hour-long Reiki session at Vivid Salon|Spa|Wellness. An Aveda Spa therapist will take you on a journey of rest and relaxation.   


Aroma works in the body on a physical and mental level.  Aroma can be inhaled or applied topically to treat specific ailments including stress relief.  Aromas also work with our brains to trigger our feelings and memories which can help take us to a calmer state of mind.   The Aveda Stress Fix body care line has been clinically proven to reduce feelings of stress and features aromas of lavender and clary sage.  Vivid also carries Aveda Singular Notes and the Oriwest Aromatherapy diffusers for home, car and Body wearing to envelope you in stress relieving aroma at all times.    


A deep cleansing breath is also a great way to de stress. The breath is a powerful link between the mind and body.  Your body breaths involuntarily, but you can also take a voluntary breath if you want to.  When you are stressed your breathing becomes short and shallow.  To reduces stress and its negative effects, you can simply breathe deeply and diaphragmatically.  Another great way to focus on breathing is through a guided meditation and sound healing treatment at Vivid.  This treatment will help you to focus on your breath and help you to take a much-needed mental break.  


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