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 Vivid is Lloydminster's family owned and operated Salon & Spa now offering Wellness Treatments!

Pranic Energy Healing $66+


Pranic Healing is a no touch modality of energy manipulation developed by Master Choa Kok Sui a Chinese-Filipino descendant who modernized ancient East Indian and Chinese healing techniques for today. Pranic Healing uses Prana or 'life force energy' to assist in healing the physical body through manipulation of a patient's chakra system and energetic body. Your Practitioner is able to cleanse or remove dirty, ‘dis-eased’ energies from your body and then simultaneously energize the affected area with fresh prana through a mixture of pranic breathing, concentration, and intention. If the patient remains open and receptive, Pranic Healing has the ability to remove blockages in your body and allow energy to flow freely throughout, settling in physically over time to remove pain and bodily discomfort.

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