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 Vivid is Lloydminster's family owned and operated Salon & Spa now offering Wellness Treatments!

Sound Healing $66+

Relax and allow the sacred vibrations to resonate through your whole body as one of our Master Sound Healers guides you down a path of personal wellness and rejuvenation.

If you can imagine yourself as a vibrational frequency as are all objects around you. A low personal frequency can leave you more susceptible to encountering health problems, absorbing unwanted energetic contaminants which may manifest as physical issues. Sound healing tools, whether it’s your voice, tuning forks or singing bowls combined with practitioner intention and the patient's willingness to heal can bring miraculous results. Balance or homeostasis is the body’s key to health. We are only now starting to understand a healthy or unhealthy energetic body directly affects the health of your physical body. 

Sound healing is not a new idea. Ancient cultures ranging from India, Tibet, Egypt and beyond record the use of vibrational tools to restore harmony in the human body. Each of the seven or eleven major chakra’s depending on your desired practice, has it’s own corresponding musical note best suited for assisting to heal each energy center. These vibrations are able to enter your body removing discomfort, energetic blockages and promote relaxation on a level you may never have experienced before!

*Public and private group sessions available upon request.

*Please see our menu for Crystal Tones Singing Bowls! All the used in our performances are for sale! *

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